Karisma Property Development Holdings
is founded on the strengths of building construction and civil infrastructure companies with more than 30 years of experience, which it comes along a string of well received development projects under its belt and a solid reputation for timely delivery of quality real estate products in the property industry.

From the resounding success of its maiden commercial project to its subsequent residential developments, Karisma and its associate companies has grown from strength to strength, taking on increasingly larger and more challenging projects and successfully consolidating its position as a reliable and dependable developer.

Karisma is helmed by a team of capable industry veterans with backgrounds that range from earthwork, civil engineering, electrical engineering, construction and commerce, harnessed these expertise into tangible results reflected in the companies proven track record and excellence sales performance.

To date, Karisma and its associate companies have completed all the projects valued at RM1.2 billion in its portfolio. Karisma is currently in the new pathway to venture into the medium and high end real estate development in Malaysia.

Karisma Vision
To be a leading provider of innovative and quality real estate developments in Malaysia.

Karisma Mission
To consistently create and deliver innovative and quality real estate developments by a professional and passionate team committed to excellence in customer experience.

To consistently build sustainable solutions, forge development partnerships and deliver strong investment returns.  

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